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His name has been uttered by newfound fans across the country and has even been mentioned internationally. Tobe described as an “inspirational artist” whose lyrical content penetrates the minds of its listeners & ignites fire within their hearts. Tobe has a tremendously unique way of creating music that relates to a variety of demographics. While Tobe is college educated, he is also aware of his modest upbringing, its environment, and the unfavorable lifestyle typically associated with it. This duality gives Tobe a rare perspective of both sides, allowing him to deliver content that is relatable to all audiences; from the neighborhood corners to the corner offices –his message is crafted to inspire all.

Once Tobe’s musical talents reached the ears of world renowned speaker Eric Thomas, a partnership was soon established and a new subgenre of hip-hop was created through the newly established ETA Record Label... LIFE Music. ETA’s main focus is bringing a real and relevant sound to the music industry. While doing that they hope to bring life to the lifeless through phenomenal sound, style, and delivery. Tobe is the very first artist on the ETA roster but is poised to lead some elite “edutainers” of this generation towards the top of the music industry. - ETA




The Rap Map: Meet 5 Talented Artists From Houston -

Whenever an artist’s tagline is something along the lines of “Make purpose popular,” critics often become wary. "Conscious rap," as it has come to be, is often associated with waxing sanctimonious about virtue and..


Tobe Nwigwe is an enigma. The lyrics and tone of his music tell the story of a difficult upbringing in Alief, Texas. Like other rappers who grew up in the proverbial hood, Tobe’s autobiographical tracks conjure images of gang violence, drug deals, pimps and prostitution. The authenticity in his work is palpable. Still, the man is a beacon of positivity and graciousness. The same songs that describe shootouts and the loss of childhood friends also speak on the power of faith and the importance of purpose.

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How a Nigerian Kid from Alief is Making Purpose Popular - HOUSTONIA MAGAZINE

On any given Sunday, you can catch Tobe Nwigwe sitting on the floor, wearing a t-shirt, shorts and long white socks, rapping to a popular rap instrumental while a young lady twists his hair. These sessions are recorded and posted on Instagram with the hashtag #getTWISTEDsundays usually following the video, lending a new meaning to the urban colloquialism. 

The weekly segment showcases Nwigwe’s rapid-fire style as he calls out wack rappers with quintessential Houston pride and quips about living the Christian faith. “Everybody has a story,” he says. “I feel you have to tell the story in a way that the audience that you’re trying to reach can relate to it. People don’t want to hear corny stuff.”


tobe's interview with the huffington post

After talking with Eric Thomas, whose motivational speeches have been viewed on YouTube by 50+ million people, I realized one thing: He isn’t just a motivational speaker. Try putting a man who is a best-selling author, a community activist, a Ph.D. student, and minister in one box and you would be missing the breadth of his accomplishments.

Tobe Nwigwe on nbc discussing the dope art show

Tobe has created a platform that believes purposeful art shapes culture & culture should be centered around love! He created this platform for artists like himself who have a message and need a "dope" platform.


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